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Looking for laptop repairs in Burton on trent? Look no further!

We hold a large stock of replacement parts for a wide variety of laptops, including replacement screens, keyboards and drives.

Where parts are in stock, we will endeavour to return your laptop, notebook or netbook to you within 24 hours.

FAQ: frequently asked questions


Can you repair or replace my laptop screen?

Yes. Cracked screens will almost always have to be replaced, but most other problems with backlights and connections can often be fixed without a full replacement.

I think I've broken the power socket. Can you fix this?

Yes. We have repaired or replaced hundreds of power sockets.

The screen doesn't come on, but an external monitor works. Is the screen broken?

Not necessarily, many other problems can cause these symptoms.

I tipped a drink on my laptop - can you fix it?

We can. The extent of the damage can vary tremendously, but it is usually significantly cheaper and more convenient than replacement.

My laptop is making strange noises...?

There are many parts in a computer that can make a variety of noises. All these parts are easily replaceable and are worth looking at as soon as the noise develops as some causes can lead to data loss.

Any other question, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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