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Do we repair TV's? Of course we do!

Any make and model. Any type and size. LCD, plasma, projection - we repair them all.

Where parts are in stock, we will endeavour to return your tv to you within 24 hours.

FAQ: frequently asked questions


My picture is freezing and/or breaking up. Can you fix this?

In some rare cases this can be due to a faulty TV, but it's much more likely to be a signal issue. Our best advice is to get your aerial's signal checked first. We highly recommend Burton Aerial Service - 01283 510 222. They offer a completely free signal test.

How much will my repair cost?

The cost of parts for televisions can vary immensely, so we will always quote before going ahead with any repair.

Do you sell TV's?


Can you connect my PC or Mac to my TV so I can play my downloaded videos?


Anything else...

Give us a call!