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We are experts in the field of virus and malware removal. We can remove all infections without data loss or the need to reinstall your software from scratch.

Any level of infection. Any operating system. Rapid and fully-confidential service.

Our average turn-around for virus removal is under 24 hours.

FAQ: frequently asked questions


Do you sell antivirus software?

We do, but we also highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It's offers a good level of protection for home users and it's completely free! Download Microsoft Security Essentials

How much does virus removal cost?

Cost can vary according to the type and severity of infection, but typical virus removals cost around £30-40.

Will I lose any data?

Almost certainly not. We pride ourselves on not taking shortcuts and will return your machine to you without formatting and reinstalling. You will be able to carry on working instantly.

Do you remove malware and what is it?

Malware, or malicious software, is a wide-reaching description for various types of software that act against a computer-user's wishes and most-often without their knowledge. We remove all malware and viruses without issue.

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