League of Legends won 2 big prizes at The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards are currently the major annual gaming industry awards to honor companies and creators in the industry, and the event takes place in December with lots of surprises.

Recently, The Game Awards 2020 organization has announced a series of titles for games that have a great influence on the gaming community around the world. This is also an annual event honoring the best games, individuals, organizations and events of the year.

In the series of names listed in the Best Esports Game of the year category, League of Legends has excelled at Call of Duty: Nodern Warfare, Counter-Ttrike: Global Offensive, Fornite and Valorant. As for the best eSports event category of the year, the World Championship 2020 of League of Legends has also been honored to win this title.

Not only the game itself, but also individuals in the League of Legends arena receive many awards. Accordingly, the player ShowMaker (DAMWON’s mid laner, the 2020 CKTG champion) received the title of Best E-Sports Athlete of the Year. And Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere was once again honored as the Best Esports Host.

Although the game village is significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Riot Games still brings the Worlds tournament 2020 as well as constantly updating game content for League of Legends fans. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this game received 2 major titles at The Game Awards 2020.

Although this year’s awards show takes place online, the organizers still create an engaging experience through an interactive program broadcast on multiple platforms. The Game Awards also featured stars like Gal Gadot, Keanu Reeves, Reggie Fils-Aimé and other entertainment industry experts to give fans a memorable show.

It can be said that the most anticipated prize of the night is Game of the Year. This prestigious award will bring many benefits to winners like last year’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Coming to this year’s award, The Last of Us 2 took the lead with nine nominations, including Game of the Year. Other games like Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy VII Remake also received many nominations.

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How to Play PC Games on Mac Without Installing Windows

Don’t need up-to-date home wbuiltintegrated on your Mac updated play lapupupdated video games? Quickly updated applications up to dateintegrated Wbuilt-ine, OpenEmu, DOSbox, and GeForce Now integrated.
by Whitson Gordon.

Mac up-to-date have it up to dateugh. You get some of the first-class hardware available on the market with high-quality polished, stable software program-and so few games up-to-date play on it. However simply because developers aren’t liberatbuiltintegrated their video games for macOS doesn’t suggest you could’t get up to date games built-ing for your Apple-made built-ineintegrated. It just takes a piece of fintegratedesse.
built-in really want updated play pc video games up-to-date the excellent of your hardware’s functionality, you’ll want updated home wbuiltintegrated for your Mac built-inthe use of Boot Camp. It’s the very best manner up-to-date get games joggbuiltintegrated, and provides the great overall performance. It does, but, soak up plenty of space built-in your hard pressure, and it’s built-inintegrated up to date reboot your computer on every occasion you need updated play a recreation. you could set up built-inwbuiltintegrated via Parallels or VirtualBox, however you’ll sacrifice lots integrated overall performance.
built-in case youintegrated don’t need up to date cope with the trouble of built-inintegrated built-inintegrated, although, we understand. here are your alternatives for playbuiltintegrated games up-to-date Mac.
search for Mac-friendly games

also, built-inintegrated Steam isn’t the most effective built-inityintegrated up-to-date built-in video games-snowfall gives Mac versions of its video games thru its war.built-in provider, and also you’ll built-infbuiltintegrated masses of builtintegrated Mac titles on GOG.com as properly. Bear builtintegrated upupdated throughout the diverse up-to-date whilst you saveupdated, built-inbecause you might be amazed what exclusives you’ll built-in.

Portbuilt-ing kit is normally my first cross-updated, integrated attempts up-to-date do a variety of the heavy liftintegratedg for you. simply seek Portbuilt-ing kit’s app or built-in for a game, like amongst Us, and it’ll provide an install Now butupdatedn at the side of any quirks, patches, or greater steps you would possibly want updated take for clean gameplay. it could nevertheless take a chunk of fiddlbuilt-ing, Afew may match better with built-in video games, so your first-class bet is updated look for
pass retro With Emulaup-to-daters
built-in case youintegrated need up to date relive games from your teens, there’s a good hazard your favored retro titles may be emulated built-in your Mac. There are masses of emulaup-to-daters for retro game consoles accessibleintegrated, however Mac up-to-date have it pretty easy with OpenEmu, which can positioned all your preferred unfashionable games in one built-in. installation this system, pick out the systems you want updated emulate, and also you’re off up-to-date the races.
You’ll up-to-date grab a ROM document for any sport you want up to date play-we’ll go away it up to date you updated discover the ones-after which you may simply drag them built-inup to date OpenEMU’s built-inintegrated wbuilt-indow up-to-date them builtintegrated sport library. Or click the Homebrew tab up-to-date built-in unfastened, newly advanced video games for the ones conventional structures. you may studyintegrated our complete guide updated OpenEmu right here, and if you need up to date emulate a built-in it doesn’t guide, check out our list of the built-inupdated emulaup to daters for greater alternatives.

Top video games of 2010s

Brothers: A story Of two Sons (2013)
the first time you performed this Swedish made sport, its revolutionary controls made your mind harm. The second and 0.33 instances? And yet when your cognitive competencies caught up with one controller controlling characters, you soon realised you have been immersed within the best fairy story by no means informed.

BioShock countless (2013)
at the same time as 2007’s BioShock – no longer related to endless in narrative, but sincerely in tone and breadth of vision – turned into considered a conventional from the get-move, the 1/3 name in the series remains a divisive recreation. a few suppose its politics have been muddled, dangerous even. we are saying its ambition maintains to initiate with every play.

Alan Wake (2012)
Unsurprisingly, given the writer’s relentless output and enduring popularity, there are tonnes of video games primarily based on Stephen King testimonies. unfortunately, handiest one – 1993’s The dark half – is any proper. Alan Wake, a Stephen King tale in all however call – and truely in content – is awesome. Thereby the first-rate King sport ever.

Celeste (2018)
First created in 4 days all through a recreation jam, and later extended into a complete release, developers Matt Thorson and Noel Berry’s 2d platformer is not best fiendishly tough however extraordinarily worthwhile. beneath the self-esteem of the sport’s primary mountaineering aim lies a poignant meditation on intellectual health.

useless area 2 (2011)
It’s now not as desirable as the first sport, launched the preceding decade. possibly understandably, it’s no longer as unexpected or unique. And yet this sequel, once more approximately occasions in deep area gone very incorrect, is but any other example of how the survival horror style maintains to excel within the modern age.

Rocket League (2015)

Who would have concept a recreation about soccer played with cars could be so famous, let alone so fun? And no longer best does the sport have an envisioned 40 million gamers going online often, it’s now a major Esport. Can someone increase cricket performed with tanks now?

Sony will continue to bring PlayStation exclusive games to the PC platform

After Horizon Zero Dawn, PC gamers are likely to continue to receive many PlayStation exclusive titles. This decision is part of Sony’s long-distance strategy.

In the newly released corporate activity report, Sony has revealed the latest figures on the main console PlayStation 4 platform. Accordingly, PlayStation 4 has sold 112.1 million units globally. The number of PSN active accounts per month is 113 million. Sony’s paid subscription services are also doing well. Up to 45 million gamers are using PS Plus which is a service to play Online and receive free games every month. Meanwhile, PS Now, which is a cloud storage technology online gaming service, has 2.2 million players.

Notably, in this report, Sony first mentioned its strategy to bring PlayStation exclusive games to the PC platform. Specifically, in early August, the first game developed by Sony’s Studio, Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games), was officially available on PC. Before that, two other exclusive titles from the partner Studio, Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human, also became cross-platform games.

In its recently announced activity report, Sony said it will continue to bring exclusive games developed by Studio under Sony to the PC platform. The main purpose is to promote profit growth of the company.

According to observers, this profit growth can be understood in two ways. The first is through direct game sales. And the second is to create excitement for PC gamers to expand the community and customer base for these exclusive titles. Since then, the need to wait for the sequel of these games increases. This has indirectly increased sales for the next generation PlayStation 5 Console platform.

This strategy of Sony is seen as the opposite of the Microsoft. The Xbox (Microsoft) ecosystem now has a very close connection with the PC through Xbox Game Pass. So, almost Xbox will no longer concept of exclusive games. Meanwhile, PC gamers still have to wait a few years to play PlayStation-exclusive games. This is also the reason why they have to spend money to buy more Console platform from Sony.

Game Fire Pro: How to optimize the gaming performance for computers with weak configuration

With Game Fire Pro, fighting heavy games on computers with modest configuration is not too difficult.

If you use Windows 10, you will be very impressed with the Game Mode that Microsoft has built-in. However, it seems that Game Mode only really works when you own a computer with a good configuration. As for the weak configuration, Game Mode is not really effective.

Therefore, often to be able to experience heavy games, gamers are forced to choose one of two solutions is to upgrade the hardware and use software to help optimize performance, accelerate gaming. And software solutions are considered more popular because of their convenience and savings.

This article will suggest readers of Game Fire Pro software, the solution is considered more powerful than Game Mode of Windows 10 in optimizing performance and speeding up games on computers with modest configuration, As follows.

To download, visit this address. There are 02 versions of Game Fire for users to choose and use, including free and paid versions. Depending on the version, there will be limited functionality. After selecting, download and start the installation process on your computer.

The configuration installation process is quite simple and does not take much time. The interface of Game Fire is quite simple with a big and impressive Game Mode main function button. However, you should first add the Game to Game Fire by clicking “Scan for Games” to turn on the scanning and add games automatically. If you want to add it manually, click “Add Game”.

The game more dialog box will appear and you proceed to set up more manual. Process Optimizer will display the current background processes on the system. From there you can manipulate the same as in Task Manager. System Optimizer will provide in-depth settings to optimize system and speed up game processing. System Diagnostics will display the hardware specifications of the computer.

Return to the Game Mode function, when activated, the setup window will appear. Displays processes that are running in the background and the option allows you to stop these processes to prioritize speeding and processing the game. Besides, Game Fire also provides additional options to activate Game Mode through a combination of shortcuts.

Overall, Game Fire provides very safe computer tweaks, without any overclocking being done on hardware. And all the changes made by Game Fire to the settings on the system are only temporary so you are assured of long-term use.

Best PC Games for 2020

If you are searching for a accurate PC sport to play, you’ve got come to the proper place. There are a lot of video video games in this round up that’ll entertain you, and they’re neatly organized by using genre. Steam users (and if you’re a PC gamer, how are not you one?) ought to visit PCMag’s Steam Curator page and Steam Discussion Group, too. Our evaluations stay there, as properly as quite a few themed lists offering notably viewed titles.

In our most recent update, we’ve added seven games: Daemon X Machina, Doom Eternal, Gears Tactics, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Streets of Rage 4, and Treachery in Beatdown City.

Adventures of Pip

Tic Toc Games’ Adventures of Pip is a side-scrolling action-platformer that’s based totally on an fascinating premise: evolving and devolving a pixel-based hero between his 1-bit and 16-bit types to fight thru level after degree of goons and bosses. The unique premise, wealthy environments, and enjoyable gameplay mix to shape a recreation with a lot of heart and charm, notwithstanding the restricted scope of its weapons and power-ups.

To clarify, games don’t want to have been launched within the calendar year to qualify for this roundup. Any recreation it’s nonetheless reachable and still regarded high-quality when ranked towards the satisfactory of today is eligible. We suppose it is the most useful strategy to assisting you figure out which video video games deserve house on your PC’s challenging drive, and which aren’t well worth consideration even when their prices are reduce by using eighty five percent in the course of a Steam sale.

In our most up-to-date update, we have added seven games: Daemon X Machina, Doom Eternal, Gears Tactics, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Streets of Rage 4, and Treachery in Beatdown City.

How We Pick ‘Em
Compiling this information was no small undertaking. PCMag’s in-house and freelance reviewers have performed a ridiculous quantity of PC video games over the years, so developing standards for inclusion used to be essential. Here’s what we got here up with. To be included, a recreation must have been reviewed by way of PCMag, still be on hand for purchase, and acquired a ranking of 3.5 stars or greater.

The first requirement is to make certain that we can supply you more perception into a game. Yes, this guide goes into some depth on every recreation entry, however the ability to link to a full review advantages those looking for a deeper cut. The 2d point we’ve already covered. The 1/3 point required a bit of pondering. We didn’t favor to set the big name ranking so low that nearly all PC video games certified for the guide, yet we didn’t favor to set the celebrity ranking so excessive that we exclude fantastic B-tier games, such as Dead Island and Split/Second. For now, 3.5 stars is the completely satisfied medium, but, as we assessment extra games, we may additionally have to be choosier, to preserve the listing at a manageable size.

There are presently extra than 150 games in this PC gaming guide, so making navigation as easy as possible was once an extraordinarily high priority for our innovative commandos. The video games are grouped alphabetically by genre, and the titles in every class are listed in alphabetical order. Simply pick out a genre, say battle games, and the web page jumps to that section.

The “legendary” game still has tens of millions of players despite its 30 years of release

Despite turning 30, the popular Solitaire game on Windows versions still has more than 35 million players a month.

The Solitaire game was first integrated into Windows 3.0 in 1990 by Microsoft. The original goal of this game was to teach users how to use a computer mouse, which was still very new at the time. There, by clicking on each card, move and drop the card into the appropriate position.

May 22, the 30th anniversary of the first Solitaire game, was released on Windows operating system. Microsoft said that despite its 30-year-old age, Solitaire is still one of the most popular computer games in the world, with more than 35 million people still playing games on Windows every month, with more than 100 million times playing each game. day.

Solitaire is also a game associated with the memories of many people, especially those of the 8x generation, when this is one of the first games that many people have learned to play when they are new to computers.

One of the reasons Solitaire is still popular and loved today is that Microsoft still integrates this game into all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. With a simple but interesting way to play leading to “killing time”, many Windows users still choose Solitaire as a way to entertain in their free time after work.

In 2019, Solitaire was included in the “World Video Game Hall of Fame“, as a way to honor this famous game. Games included in the “Game Hall of Fame” are famous video games and have a great influence on popular culture around the world.

An interesting fact that few people know is that Solitaire was built in 1989 by Wes Cherry, a trainee working at Microsoft. When newly programmed, Wes Cherry also equipped the game with a “special mode”, which allows players to disguise the game in the form of Excel’s spreadsheet interface so that they can bypass the boss and play games during working hours. job. However, when Microsoft officially introduced Solitaire on Windows, this special mode was removed because Microsoft did not encourage users to play games during working hours.

Currently, Solitaire is not only integrated on Windows, but also developed by Microsoft for versions of the most popular platforms today, including Android and iOS.

Intel Launches World’s Fastest Gaming Processor

Intel has just officially introduced the 10th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processor, featuring Intel’s flagship i9-10900K processor at the world’s fastest speed.

The new Intel processor has a maximum speed of up to 5.3 GHz. And this is also the 10th generation Intel Core desktop processor that brings the latest level of real-world gaming experience.

Topping this processor line is the 10th Generation Intel Core i9-10900K, the fastest processor for gaming that has been unlocked. It has outstanding performance of up to 5.3 GHz, 10 cores, 20 threads and DDR4-2933 memory speed. The i9-10900K processor provides a good gaming experience, allowing for more fine-grained control, faster multitasking and smoother gaming.

In addition, the new Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 provides automatic performance enhancement on low-threaded applications, while hyper-threading control on the core allows experienced overclockers. decide which channel to turn on or off.

In addition, the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 standard is also integrated into the 10th-generation Intel Core processor for desktops, Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig +) for fast, fast downloading and gaming. 3 times more and connection is more reliable.

Expected, 10-generation Intel Core S-series desktop processors will be available globally through retail channels in May.

Intel recently released its upcoming second-quarter earnings forecast below the forecast because of the economic instability caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. After this prediction, Intel shares fell 6% during extended trading, while Intel executives tried to reassure investors because of the potential for their processor chips from Cloud computing centers and socially isolated consumers are likely to decline if the economy enters a recession. Intel had a successful start in 2020, but the rest is quite gloomy.

Not only Intel, the Covid-19 pandemic has shattered the prospects of the semiconductor industry and disrupted the operations of orders when important countries in the chip supply chain such as Malaysia must temporarily close. borders or introduce social isolation policies.

COVID-19: Gaming Industry Is Prosperous As Many Cities Are Lockdown

Sales of new games have been continuously breaking previous records when millions of people are forced to stay home due to COVID-19.

The latest Animal Crossing series on Nintendo titled New Horizon sold 1.8 million copies in the first 3 days of release, in particular for the Japanese market. The number of copies sold by New Horizon in the UK is greater than the total number in the same line of Animal Crossing the company sells. Piers Harding-Rolls, a director of game product research at analytics firm Ampere Analysis, said sales for the New Horizon game were beyond imagination.

Meanwhile, another analyst, Daniel Ahmad, seems less surprised. He believes that New Horizon deserves a high level of sales. However, he could not deny that the number of copies sold was so much and so fast. Daniel Ahmad is currently a senior analyst at Niko Partners.

Although the views of the two analysts are not exactly the same, they both agree that the outbreak of nCoV is contributing to the game’s sales.

Many major cities in the world are lockdown and people minimize the going out. Many governments even require businesses to suspend operations, except for essential businesses. According to Ahmad, the fact that people have to stay home for a period of time makes them a need for entertainment. And gaming is the most common way to kill time.

Harding-Rolls thinks that game companies’ sales are skyrocketing in part because gamers have more time and are willing to spend money on a gaming company product.

In fact, the New Horizon version is not the only game with impressive sales in recent times. Last week, many game company reports showed that the first-person shooter Doom Eternal had the best launch in history on March 20.

Meanwhile, the other famous free game called Call of Duty: Warzone has attracted 30 million players just 10 days after its launch on March 10. Looking at the reports, consumer spending on games has skyrocketed. Since mid-March, people have spent 65% more on gaming products compared to the same period last year.

Hordes.Io: The Hottest Role-Playing Game (part 1)

The stress task and overload assignment made you annoyed all day that can lead to inefficient work. Therefore, leaving all the dull stuff behind, it’s time to entertain yourself with Hordes.io.

Hordes.io Overview – Would you dare to play this game?

Hordes.io is one of the best games where you will be thrown into a fantasy world with various monsters and fierce foes. 

There are several characters’ classes with two races. In detail, most characters are put into a basic comparison with some simple polygons to classify them into four types named mage, archer, warrior, and shaman. Each one has different abilities, but all advanced criteria related to the characters’ style. 

The common thing that mesmerizes you immediately maybe is the change of faces in the races. As classified races, the man in the human race will have a knight-shape face. And, the other in animal sort has the look like a bear. 

Your main goal in Hordes.io is to kill all the monsters to progress, and then find new equipment to enhance characters’ abilities and defeat your opponents. You can try the advanced mode and join clans to create various factions. In general, these additional features are suited players who like browser-based MMORPGs.

Hordes.io Game Strategy – The best strategy is needed to win.

We try to cover common strategies that everyone can easily apply to this game. As you play as our guides, you surely have more advantages in battle. First, you should choose the most suitable class for your level and perfect yours. In this fantastic game, if you have many skills, you can have more chance to kill opponents around you. 

Being into the kind of class of characters, maybe you soon love all ò them. If not, find one, get one, and fall in. Secondly, another strategy is to perform the task with a team. All the team-up activities can bring a better result.