5 exciting new games on Steam that you may have missed

Dungeon Warfare 2

This is a sequel to the Dungeon Warfare game released in 2015. You will play the role of a lord possessing a giant fortune in a dungeon. It is your responsibility to keep this property from falling into the hands of bandits or adventurers. The main tool in your game is a trap. The game has 32 different types of traps with eight unique and novel points for you to choose from. You can easily control 50 different cannons to fight 30 types of enemies approaching and destroying your property.

Seeds of Resilience

Seeds of Resilience is a management and construction game launched in early July 2018. In the game, you will be placed on a deserted island somewhere offshore. Your task is to find the scattered villages here and find ways to prevent disasters to destroy these villages. The main work in Seeds of Resilience is quite simple. You have to grow from primitive people to use crude stone ax tools to town planners. However, if you do not pay attention to the disaster on this island, all your play will be lost. Seeds of Resilience is still in Early Access development stage so the studio plans to continue developing Seeds of Resilience for another 3 to 12 months.


DERE EVIL.EXE is a save game. The game will take gamers through puzzle screens from difficult to easy. DERE EVIL.EXE will make you return to your youth and remember your memories of Mario. This game has a 16bit graphics style.

Garage: Bad Trip

Garage: Bad Trip will also give you a violent world with bloody slashing action. This game is Inspired by the novel “splatterpunk”. In the game, you will be controlling a character who runs away from the police in an underground parking lot. Your mission is to escape the police and explore the mysterious underground world hidden in Garage: Bad Trip.

Diner Bros

Diner Bros is a collaboration game between 4 different people to manage restaurants. These people will have to control their characters to serve food for many different customers. You should pay attention to food critics because dealing with these people is quite difficult. If you’re not careful, your restaurant will be closed soon. This game has a cute and funny graphics style.