Top 3 Best Online Games for PC, Laptop that gamers cannot ignore

With the growth of mobile games, playing online games on PC still plays an indispensable part of young people today because of their experience. The following will be the best Top 6 Online Games for PC, you can consult.

1.League of Legends

Ranked No. 1 on the Top 6 Best Online Games for PC rankings belong to League of Legends (English name: League of Legends). This is a Riot Games-developed, massively multiplayer online battle arena game for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

League of Legends is an extremely high-class strategy game genre, because in addition to your own combat skills you need to have a tactical mindset and the ability to coordinate well with your teammates to win battle.

Currently, the publisher also constantly changes the gameplay of the game and launched many exciting tournaments that make gamers not bored. If you love a strategy game then this will be the first choice for you.

2. Rules of Survival
To find a survival game that exists on the most compelling PC platform today, it can only be Rules of Survival. This game indeed brings a quality of survival game experience, attractive and authentic, not inferior to any existing survival online game, typically the game PUBG is storming the market.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

Minimum configuration for playing Rules of Survival game:
2.0 GHz or more CPU: Core 3 Duo
Free disk space: 2 GB
VGA: Intel HD 5500
Windows version: Windows 7 or higher

Experiencing Rules of Survival is quite easy because of its compact installation, players can show off their trendy “find-kill” gameplay quickly, following the trend of survival games in the world.

FIFA ONLINE 4 is an online football game developed by EA Spearhead – South Korea. FIFA ONLINE 4 is also the first PC game to get the Engine Console platform.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

In order to bring the most authentic experience to players, FIFA ONLINE 4 has invested very meticulously and meticulously the graphics details as well as high quality sound. Especially, the game will be updated every 3 months to bring many new features, not once every 6 months as before. LiveBoot will also be a feature that will fluctuate the transfer market when every 1 week the player index will be up/down.
The game requires that the computer configuration must be at average level or better to fight well.

Some notes when playing Online games on PC:
The games are free, but you can buy more items to equip your characters.
Due to the frequent connection with a foreign server, some games require a stable Internet.
Not all games that you refer to the minimum configuration will work best. The recommended configuration will make the game more stable.


Learn about Audition Game.

Some information about Audition game

Audition dance game belongs to the casual game genre, the popular game series, easy to play, players can easily play Audition online on web browsers with computers or mobile phones.

The Audition was developed by T3 Entertainment, a famous game development company in Korea, especially in music game genres. Audition Online is a free game that plays and earns money through the sale of virtual goods, such as costumes for players’ characters.

Recently, in September 2015, China’s 9You and South Korea’s T3 entertainment continued to sign an audition cooperation contract. 3. Audition 3 focused on expressing the character of the gamer and increasing the similarity. work among people. New features such as bar dancers, flower-elves, dance companies, construction sites turn out, help increase gamers excited to experience the game

The most popular online dance game in Vietnam – Audition

After 10 years of existence and development in Vietnam, Audition is no longer just an interesting entertainment game but has become a part of the childhood of many gamers, especially for the generation of 8x and early 9x. Come to Audition, players can participate in great dances with simple buttons.

With this multiplayer online game, players can join exciting dances with friends or create unique dance moves on their own tracks.

Audition has become one of the most successful games of the VTC Game. With events held continuously throughout the North – Central – South region, Audition is still attracting the attention of young people and teenagers even though a decade has passed since its launch.

3 Survival game worth trying in 2019

3 Survival games worth trying in 2019

Survival game is the most played game genre on steam today. With this kind of game, players will experience a lot of emotion, which awaken human instincts, motivate them to overcome difficulties and find directions. Also for this reason, we would like to introduce to you the Top 10 best free survival games on steam today.


PUBG’s full name is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This title is considered to be the flagship in the market of survival shooter game. The game is the foundation for the cult following superhero debut.

When it was first launched, PUBG created a fever in the gaming community around the world. The game has shooting gameplay, which is combined with fierce battles. Join the game, the player will be parachuted into a large island, where you will collect weapons to fight with other players.

3 Survival game worth trying in 2019

The goal of the game is becoming the last survivor. The game will also provide players with a massive arsenal. Besides, beautiful graphics are also a bright spot of the game.

Survival game or ARK: Survival Evolved

This is a paradise for players who love dinosaurs. You will start the game on a large island with giant prehistoric dinosaurs.

To survive here, you need to build bases, collect weapons and domestication materials. Even so, you can get acquainted with other players, team up together to ride dinosaurs and fight enemies.

Besides the unique gameplay, ARK: Survival Evolved also possesses extremely beautiful graphics. This is a game rated as the world’s leading survival game today.

Survival shooting game H1Z1

After only half a month, this game has become one of the most played titles on Steam. Join the game, players will experience the gun battle screen according to the 3rd perspective simulation.

The most interesting games on the computer

West of Loathing (2017)

West of Loathing has a play that combines open-world RPG. This game plays turn-based. The game has an epic story, many NPCs, many enemies that let you fight nearly 100 locations to explore. This is a black and white game with a character like a toothpick but it has content and a very fun way to play.

Spy vs Spy (1984-86)

Two players will play two spies confronting each other. You will set traps for the opponent. However, you must be careful not to stumble into that trap itself.

4. PaRappa the Rappa (1996)

PaRappa the Rapper is a fun game. The game produced in Japan. However, all the songs and conversations in the game are displayed in English on every version. The name of the game is taken after the main character, PaRappa, a rap-loving dog with the famous slogan “I gotta believe”.

3. Undertale (2015)

Undertale is a role-playing game that uses an up-down viewing system. In the game, the player controls a boy and completes the goals to continue the story. Players will explore the underground world, obliged to solve all the puzzles on their way. The underground world is home to monsters, many of them will challenge players; Players will decide to kill, drop, or make friends with them.

2. Overcooked (2016)

The game allows you to team up with (up to) 3 other friends to prepare as many menus as possible on very unpredictable locations. It can be said that you will cook and try to improvise according to the terrain conditions of the kitchen, when in the haunted house when the trucks are running, or even in space.

1. Katamari Damacy (2004)

You are the cosmic lord and one day unintentionally destroys all stars in the sky. To recover them, send a tiny prince to Earth, carrying a ball of Katamari with a stick to roll on objects. Beginning, the ball is quite small but will grow in the process of playing thanks to sticking things into its crust. Each Katamari filled up will restore a star in the sky

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Possessing the typical play style of RPGs, the following online games still bring interesting experiences thanks to their own features.

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends is designed in the style of a scene adventure game. The game brings players to explore various types of versions in the game. Your task is to fight continuously in dungeons, thereby training your character to become a legendary hero. The battles in the game will take place in real time. Besides, the freedom to switch between characters also allows players to plan and find effective combos in the shortest time possible.

The player can control the lineup of 3 main characters without any character classification. In the game, players can rely on the skill tree to build their own complete character at will. The skill tree will be divided into branches such as attack, defense, and control of the battlefield by buffs or enemy debuffs.

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Pandora Fantasy

Pandora Fantasy impresses with bright 3D graphics with a sympathetic animation style. Moreover, character creation and the game scenes were perfectly designed in every detail. Combining bright colors, together with adding vivid elements, brings unimaginable battles.

Designed as a usual tactical role-playing style through a series of overcoming missions, but players won’t easily feel bored. On the contrary, you will focus more on collecting and upgrading heroes in the formation by getting items from challenging missions. Since then, it has continuously increased its power to destroy the mythical bosses, confirming its position in a world full of powerful warriors.

Above are just two of the most attractive role-playing games that are launched in the beginning of 2019. Try out the game to have a great experience!

5 exciting new games on Steam that you may have missed

Dungeon Warfare 2

This is a sequel to the Dungeon Warfare game released in 2015. You will play the role of a lord possessing a giant fortune in a dungeon. It is your responsibility to keep this property from falling into the hands of bandits or adventurers. The main tool in your game is a trap. The game has 32 different types of traps with eight unique and novel points for you to choose from. You can easily control 50 different cannons to fight 30 types of enemies approaching and destroying your property.

Seeds of Resilience

Seeds of Resilience is a management and construction game launched in early July 2018. In the game, you will be placed on a deserted island somewhere offshore. Your task is to find the scattered villages here and find ways to prevent disasters to destroy these villages. The main work in Seeds of Resilience is quite simple. You have to grow from primitive people to use crude stone ax tools to town planners. However, if you do not pay attention to the disaster on this island, all your play will be lost. Seeds of Resilience is still in Early Access development stage so the studio plans to continue developing Seeds of Resilience for another 3 to 12 months.


DERE EVIL.EXE is a save game. The game will take gamers through puzzle screens from difficult to easy. DERE EVIL.EXE will make you return to your youth and remember your memories of Mario. This game has a 16bit graphics style.

Garage: Bad Trip

Garage: Bad Trip will also give you a violent world with bloody slashing action. This game is Inspired by the novel “splatterpunk”. In the game, you will be controlling a character who runs away from the police in an underground parking lot. Your mission is to escape the police and explore the mysterious underground world hidden in Garage: Bad Trip.

Diner Bros

Diner Bros is a collaboration game between 4 different people to manage restaurants. These people will have to control their characters to serve food for many different customers. You should pay attention to food critics because dealing with these people is quite difficult. If you’re not careful, your restaurant will be closed soon. This game has a cute and funny graphics style.

4 blockbuster offline games launched in 1/2019

4 blockbuster offline games launched in 1/2019

At the end of the first month of 2019, let’s look back at the notable game titles that have been recently released

Onimusha: Warlords

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Release: 15/1/2019

Average score on Metacrititc: 74/100

It is known that Onimusha: Warlords is a remake of the original game released on the PlayStation. In the past, Onimusha started and ended on the PlayStation 2, with three main titles and a few spinoffs (along with a game on the web browser that is best not to be mentioned). Onimusha: Warlords takes the feudal Japanese context with you playing the role of a warrior using katana, Samanosuke Akechi, when he begins to rescue a princess.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Release: 15/1/2019

Average score on Metacrititc: 73/100

The fall of Telltale put an end to many of the studio’s titles and unfinished ideas. But with the help of not only fans but also Skybound – the father of the Walking Dead brand – the final part of the game continues to be done until the end and will be released in 2019.

4 blockbuster offline games launched in 1/2019

Resident Evil 2 Remake

PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release: January 25, 2019

Average score on Metacrititc: 90/100

After the success of the Resident Evil series, Capcom recently announced a remake version of the legendary game Resident Evil 2. The player will return to 1998 when the Raccoon City was under attack by a virus called T-virus.

In this release, Capcom has removed rigid rotation control and fixed camera rotation. The remake supports the 3rd perspective to give gamers easier control and better shooting. The remake of Resident Evil 2 has a new realistic graphics that make the characters become sharper than ever. Hordes of odd zombies are brought to life with terrible horror effects.

Plants vs. Zombies - one of the best strategy games

Plants vs. Zombies – one of the best strategy games

Plants vs. Zombies is the classic strategy game of PopCap that appears on both mobile and computer platforms, helping users to play this addictive game anytime, anywhere. Your task in Plants vs Zombies is simple and challenging at the same time. Players will have to plant many kinds of plants and fungi to destroy the zombies that are frantically attacking their house.


The zombies are attacking throughout the city and they are looking for ways to enter the house to eat your brain. You need to plant specialized zombie-like mutant plants such as pea plants, cherry bombs, etc to stop the zombies. In the game, players have to think fast to decide which tree to plant and how to reasonably arrange them.

In Plants vs. Zombies, players need to collect the solar energy generated by sunflowers or yellow mushrooms. If the amount of sunlight produced is not enough, you will not be able to grow other trees and will definitely lose. Completing each level will unlock exciting new plants or items. Increasing your gardening skills with the casual help of neighbor Crazy Dave.

Game modes

Plants Vs. Zombies provides a lot of attractive game modes for you to choose from. Adventure mode offers up to 50 levels, including 5 scenes: Daytime, Nighttime (there are more tombstones), Morning pool, Evening pool and Roof (Very special backdrop when the zombies intend to land on the roof of the house). Meanwhile, in mini-game mode, there will be 20 extremely interesting mini games for players to enjoy. If you win all of them, you will be awarded a trophy. To unlock the next screen, you must win the gold cup.

A series of goalkeeper games attract many players with similar gameplay, but Plants vs Zombies alone still has a special attraction for all ages of players that no goalkeeper game can do. Worth a try!

Game Review: Far Cry 4 - The Himalayas Mission

Game Review: Far Cry 4 – The Himalayas Mission

It is not difficult to understand that since the blockbuster Far Cry 3 was released, the name Far Cry has become Ubisoft’s flagship product. After the sudden breakthrough of amazing Far Cry 3, fans continue to expect more on the next version of the game series. Will Far Cry 4 take on this responsibility or will it fail like Assassin Creed: Unity? Let’s see the following review to find out what promising Far Cry 4 can bring us!

More Interesting Story

In Far Cry 3, the main character of the game is a normal guy who suddenly become a skilled and talented warrior just because of a few mysterious tattoos. This difficult-to-understand game plot, however, has been improved to be more reasonable in Far Cry 4.

The context of the game takes place in Himalaya. Our main character is Ajay Ghale, the son of a couple leading the resistance against tycoon Pagan Min, the self-claiming king there. tycoon claiming to be the king here. During his return trip to his hometown, Ajay was caught up in the civil war here, and his journey to rescue his homeland began.

More Innovation

Far away from the tropical islands flooded with hot rays and the blue coast, Far Cry 4 takes players to the land of Kyrat hidden deep in the majestic Himalayas. The game still possesses full of beautiful scenery, hidden deep in the snowy mountains. The map of the game is extremely large and gorgeous, mixing many different types of nature. All of these features stimulate the creativity of the player.

To fight Pagan’s mighty army, players are equipped with an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons, covering all genres with different play styles. You can stumble out from the front gate with 2-barreled hunting guns, gas-fired flamethrowers, machine guns and even hand-held missiles. Or if you love acting quietly, you can take down enemies from afar with bows and knives as well as sniper rifles.

In conclusion

With stunning graphics, good sound, large maps, well-groomed and interesting gameplay, Far Cry 4 continues to be a resounding success of Ubisoft. If you are impressed by the performance of Far Cry 3 then surely Far Cry 4 will not disappoint you!