Two stunning role-playing games you should try on your PC

Two stunning role-playing games you should try on your PC

PC games are huge game libraries from old classic games to newly released hot games. So what are the most stunning games you should try on your PC? Let’s check out the two amazing role-playing games below!

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Genre: Multiplayer Battle royale.

Similar game: Fortnite Battle Royale, DayZ: Battle Royale, H1Z1: King of the Kill.

Gameplay: Shooting, surviving.

What can you describe about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? There is a great reason it has surpassed the 10 million mark sold just in several months after its release and now holds the most current record on Steam (more than 2 million people). This is simply because it is an extremely interesting and engaging game to experience. Just like many things in life, you will have a more enjoyable experience when playing with friends.

However, for the game still in Early Access, this game has some notable points like optimization is essential (it is continuing to improve), an error occurs leading to a Negative score, advertising in the game makes players unhappy and more.

2. GTA V

Category: Open world adventure action.

Similar game: Watch Dogs 1 and Watch Dogs 2, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, Saints Row series.

Gameplay: Third view, first view, driving, shooting, multi-player options.

Two stunning role-playing games you should try on your PC

It’s been several years since its launch on PC, GTA V is still in the list of best-selling games on Steam, with millions of people around the world still enjoying the driving experience, shooting and virtual money. in San Andreas state.

In addition to purchasing new items and vehicles both in the air and on the ground, the latest major expansion version – Smuggler’s Run introduced the PUBG style mode. While fighting a player who helped GTA V to rank fourth in the list of best-selling titles of all time, its multi-player updates still frenzy. Add a number of great mods available and you can understand how this old title still maintains such a level of popularity and interest.

Most stunning shooter games to enjoy on PC

Most stunning shooter games to enjoy on PC

If you are looking for a stunning shooter game to enjoy, check out the game titles below!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is a version of the series Call of Duty cult action series. Role-playing game of first-person shooter, diverse combat gameplay, a variety of characters with rich abilities, middle configuration required.

Most stunning shooter games to enjoy on PC

If you only play the version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, it will be difficult to understand the story. The advice for players is to experience the entire series to get a clearer view of each version.

Assassin’s Creed 4

Assassin’s Creed is also a popular game series that not only develope on the PC platform but also on mobile version for many different operating systems.

Assassin’s Creed 4 is a tight-knit, action-packed shooter game with a beautiful Roman context in Europe. The player will across different lands, fighting the toughest forces. You can also access the later version of Assassin’s Creed with interesting sequels. The game titles released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Xbox One platforms.

Slime Rancher

Many people think action shooter games contains merely elements of shooting, action or terrorism. However, Slime Rancher will bring a new feeling thanks to the lively and funny gameplay. This shooting game shows humor, fun and possesses vivid graphics with colorful blood through each game mode. Play Slime Rancher is available for a light configuration PC. You can also enjoy this game on other platforms such as macOS, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

Fallout 4

Unlike many offline shooter games on other PC when exploiting the theme with military or war, Fallout 4 takes players to another world as a role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. This is a horror, survival, and immersive shooter game that is very popular today. Game release platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

3 amazing shooter games you should try on your PC

3 amazing shooter games you should try on your PC

When it comes to shooter games for PC, you should try the best game titles below!


No player ever played Titanfall 2 without being attracted by its grandiose graphics. However, the true retention of gamers is the unique gameplay, combat missions, destroying NPCs, and of course, earning points to call the Titans. To take advantage of matches, you need to move flexibly, such as sliding, double jump, and parkour on the wall.

3 amazing shooter games you should try on your PC

Titans, powerful guns, and unexpected explosions will enchant you like you are in a real blockbuster. Respawn makes sure all matches are attractive regardless of which mode you choose, single player, teammate, or multiplayer. Titanfall 2 is definitely a better and more powerful game than ever, with many new elements that many competitors cannot overcome.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Only in Wolfenstein can you feel the coolness of characters, weapons, and spectacular shooting styles. In addition to interesting tasks, you have a variety of options, including guns, machine guns, shotgun, and a variety of skills.

Many people complain about the difficulty of the game, but I am sure you will be satisfied with the feeling of success and hand through each challenge, get the code and open other tasks.


If you just like shooter games, Doom will be a good choice with an extremely simple plot, but extremely great gameplay. The only mission is shooting down enemies.

Players need to constantly move from the ground to the air while bombarding opponents. There will be no barrier for you to hide outside a pile of enemies around you, forcing you to act relentlessly.

You are not able to heal and therefore, have to constantly fight to death or victory. Finally, beautiful graphics combine with true sound, players definitely get the experience of bombardment and fire.

TOP best PS4 Game of 2018

TOP best PS4 Game of 2018

2018 has been a very successful year for PS4. Below are some top favorite games on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Persona 5

This is an online role-playing game for fans of the series as well as newcomers. Persona 5 connects traditional dungeons with deep social mechanisms. You will learn to balance battle with monsters, stay alert and considerate in class, and create a perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t let ‘5’ take its name to fool you, you don’t have to play the previous game in the series to understand what’s going on. If you still don’t buy a PS4, this is the one you can play on PS3 too.

Gran Turismo Sport

In Gran Turismo Sport, impressive images highlight great racing experience, and VR mode will make you addictive to this game. This is one of the best racing simulation games you should not miss. If you are a PlayStation 4 owner waiting for a great racing game, you don’t need to look any further than Gran Turismo Sport.

Gravity Rush 2

TOP best PS4 Game of 2018

Gravity Rush 2 is an open action adventure in a fantasy world. As you expected, you turned the world upside down, quite literally. It builds on the original premise in a variety of ways. With a wider world and a bunch of allies helping you in your quest, your task is to save the world. The game stands out with its unique anime style and the detailed world that is memorable enough to stick with you long after you’re done.

Nier: Automata

With many great ideas and survival questions, Nier is more than your usual role-playing game. The game does not simply change a single scene to give you a slightly different ending as was the case in other games. Instead, every path you take impacts on your views on characters and events. This is truly a great role-playing game to play on PS4.

survival games

Top 3 Survival Games for weak configuration PCs

Check out 3 best survival games for weak configuration PC nowadays.


Minecraft has always been known as a famous survival and creative entertainment game worldwide. Although there is no investment in graphics as many great productions, the gameplay in Minecraft has great attraction for players.

Only with the round squares in the game, players will incarnate into characters to perform real-life tasks such as building houses, manufacturing, making hunting weapons, fighting monsters, etc.


This is a very popular title developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment for the theme of ocean exploration. In the game, the player becomes an astronaut who survives an accident of a ship falling into the sea. You will take advantage of the lifeboat on your ship and go to find comrades.

survival games

The game has unique gameplay. In addition to collecting materials around, the player can also cultivate and harvest underwater. Besides, you can also use your ship to go deep into the vast ocean.

60 Seconds

Just like the title, in the game players will have 60 seconds to prepare everything for their upcoming life before the nuclear disaster breaks out.

At the beginning of the game, you will enter Ted- the family man. When 60 seconds start, Ted will have to save every family member, collect the necessary materials and then stay in a mysterious cellar, remember that this will only happen for 60 seconds.

After entering the basement, players will have to continue to ensure Ted and his family’s survival in the following days. Your task is to ensure the food, the needs of the members and the fight and prevent those who want to rob the family’s items. The characters in the game can also go outside to search for food themselves.

Play these games now for an exciting experience!

Top 3 Best Online Games for PC, Laptop that gamers cannot ignore

With the growth of mobile games, playing online games on PC still plays an indispensable part of young people today because of their experience. The following will be the best Top 6 Online Games for PC, you can consult.

1.League of Legends

Ranked No. 1 on the Top 6 Best Online Games for PC rankings belong to League of Legends (English name: League of Legends). This is a Riot Games-developed, massively multiplayer online battle arena game for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

League of Legends is an extremely high-class strategy game genre, because in addition to your own combat skills you need to have a tactical mindset and the ability to coordinate well with your teammates to win battle.

Currently, the publisher also constantly changes the gameplay of the game and launched many exciting tournaments that make gamers not bored. If you love a strategy game then this will be the first choice for you.

2. Rules of Survival
To find a survival game that exists on the most compelling PC platform today, it can only be Rules of Survival. This game indeed brings a quality of survival game experience, attractive and authentic, not inferior to any existing survival online game, typically the game PUBG is storming the market.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

Minimum configuration for playing Rules of Survival game:
2.0 GHz or more CPU: Core 3 Duo
Free disk space: 2 GB
VGA: Intel HD 5500
Windows version: Windows 7 or higher

Experiencing Rules of Survival is quite easy because of its compact installation, players can show off their trendy “find-kill” gameplay quickly, following the trend of survival games in the world.

FIFA ONLINE 4 is an online football game developed by EA Spearhead – South Korea. FIFA ONLINE 4 is also the first PC game to get the Engine Console platform.

Top 6 Game Online hay nhất dành cho PC

In order to bring the most authentic experience to players, FIFA ONLINE 4 has invested very meticulously and meticulously the graphics details as well as high quality sound. Especially, the game will be updated every 3 months to bring many new features, not once every 6 months as before. LiveBoot will also be a feature that will fluctuate the transfer market when every 1 week the player index will be up/down.
The game requires that the computer configuration must be at average level or better to fight well.

Some notes when playing Online games on PC:
The games are free, but you can buy more items to equip your characters.
Due to the frequent connection with a foreign server, some games require a stable Internet.
Not all games that you refer to the minimum configuration will work best. The recommended configuration will make the game more stable.


Learn about Audition Game.

Some information about Audition game

Audition dance game belongs to the casual game genre, the popular game series, easy to play, players can easily play Audition online on web browsers with computers or mobile phones.

The Audition was developed by T3 Entertainment, a famous game development company in Korea, especially in music game genres. Audition Online is a free game that plays and earns money through the sale of virtual goods, such as costumes for players’ characters.

Recently, in September 2015, China’s 9You and South Korea’s T3 entertainment continued to sign an audition cooperation contract. 3. Audition 3 focused on expressing the character of the gamer and increasing the similarity. work among people. New features such as bar dancers, flower-elves, dance companies, construction sites turn out, help increase gamers excited to experience the game

The most popular online dance game in Vietnam – Audition

After 10 years of existence and development in Vietnam, Audition is no longer just an interesting entertainment game but has become a part of the childhood of many gamers, especially for the generation of 8x and early 9x. Come to Audition, players can participate in great dances with simple buttons.

With this multiplayer online game, players can join exciting dances with friends or create unique dance moves on their own tracks.

Audition has become one of the most successful games of the VTC Game. With events held continuously throughout the North – Central – South region, Audition is still attracting the attention of young people and teenagers even though a decade has passed since its launch.

3 Survival game worth trying in 2019

3 Survival games worth trying in 2019

Survival game is the most played game genre on steam today. With this kind of game, players will experience a lot of emotion, which awaken human instincts, motivate them to overcome difficulties and find directions. Also for this reason, we would like to introduce to you the Top 10 best free survival games on steam today.


PUBG’s full name is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This title is considered to be the flagship in the market of survival shooter game. The game is the foundation for the cult following superhero debut.

When it was first launched, PUBG created a fever in the gaming community around the world. The game has shooting gameplay, which is combined with fierce battles. Join the game, the player will be parachuted into a large island, where you will collect weapons to fight with other players.

3 Survival game worth trying in 2019

The goal of the game is becoming the last survivor. The game will also provide players with a massive arsenal. Besides, beautiful graphics are also a bright spot of the game.

Survival game or ARK: Survival Evolved

This is a paradise for players who love dinosaurs. You will start the game on a large island with giant prehistoric dinosaurs.

To survive here, you need to build bases, collect weapons and domestication materials. Even so, you can get acquainted with other players, team up together to ride dinosaurs and fight enemies.

Besides the unique gameplay, ARK: Survival Evolved also possesses extremely beautiful graphics. This is a game rated as the world’s leading survival game today.

Survival shooting game H1Z1

After only half a month, this game has become one of the most played titles on Steam. Join the game, players will experience the gun battle screen according to the 3rd perspective simulation.

The most interesting games on the computer

West of Loathing (2017)

West of Loathing has a play that combines open-world RPG. This game plays turn-based. The game has an epic story, many NPCs, many enemies that let you fight nearly 100 locations to explore. This is a black and white game with a character like a toothpick but it has content and a very fun way to play.

Spy vs Spy (1984-86)

Two players will play two spies confronting each other. You will set traps for the opponent. However, you must be careful not to stumble into that trap itself.

4. PaRappa the Rappa (1996)

PaRappa the Rapper is a fun game. The game produced in Japan. However, all the songs and conversations in the game are displayed in English on every version. The name of the game is taken after the main character, PaRappa, a rap-loving dog with the famous slogan “I gotta believe”.

3. Undertale (2015)

Undertale is a role-playing game that uses an up-down viewing system. In the game, the player controls a boy and completes the goals to continue the story. Players will explore the underground world, obliged to solve all the puzzles on their way. The underground world is home to monsters, many of them will challenge players; Players will decide to kill, drop, or make friends with them.

2. Overcooked (2016)

The game allows you to team up with (up to) 3 other friends to prepare as many menus as possible on very unpredictable locations. It can be said that you will cook and try to improvise according to the terrain conditions of the kitchen, when in the haunted house when the trucks are running, or even in space.

1. Katamari Damacy (2004)

You are the cosmic lord and one day unintentionally destroys all stars in the sky. To recover them, send a tiny prince to Earth, carrying a ball of Katamari with a stick to roll on objects. Beginning, the ball is quite small but will grow in the process of playing thanks to sticking things into its crust. Each Katamari filled up will restore a star in the sky

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Possessing the typical play style of RPGs, the following online games still bring interesting experiences thanks to their own features.

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends

The Last Slain: Inherits the Legends is designed in the style of a scene adventure game. The game brings players to explore various types of versions in the game. Your task is to fight continuously in dungeons, thereby training your character to become a legendary hero. The battles in the game will take place in real time. Besides, the freedom to switch between characters also allows players to plan and find effective combos in the shortest time possible.

The player can control the lineup of 3 main characters without any character classification. In the game, players can rely on the skill tree to build their own complete character at will. The skill tree will be divided into branches such as attack, defense, and control of the battlefield by buffs or enemy debuffs.

2 Worth-trying Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Pandora Fantasy

Pandora Fantasy impresses with bright 3D graphics with a sympathetic animation style. Moreover, character creation and the game scenes were perfectly designed in every detail. Combining bright colors, together with adding vivid elements, brings unimaginable battles.

Designed as a usual tactical role-playing style through a series of overcoming missions, but players won’t easily feel bored. On the contrary, you will focus more on collecting and upgrading heroes in the formation by getting items from challenging missions. Since then, it has continuously increased its power to destroy the mythical bosses, confirming its position in a world full of powerful warriors.

Above are just two of the most attractive role-playing games that are launched in the beginning of 2019. Try out the game to have a great experience!