Fresh and Fun Video Games That You Can Play for Free on Your Browser! (part 2)

Have you been in the middle of doing something crucial? A deadline, maybe? Well, it is about time you forgot about it as you will not be able to finish just about anything today. Wonder why? It is because I am going to bring you the top list of cool games which you can enjoy for free directly on any browser of yours without having to download anything! Great enough? What are you waiting for but join the gaming time with me? It will be extra fun! I cannot promise many things, but for how fun they are, I promise!

Alter Ego – How will you live your life?

If only you had much more self-consciousness. Oh, wait, you do! In Alter Ego, you get to start your life before your parents get to see you. Not only that, but you also get to choose your way of reacting to things as well as the control of your behavior. The gameplay starts when you were about to born and ends when you die. How will you live your life? How will you spend your time in your Alter Ego?

Doom – Time to slay them all!

I don’t think I have to talk much about this game. Doom, it’s Doom! It’s a famous game that marked a technical breakthrough for the gaming industry. And now, the game is entirely free to play, and you can play it directly on your browser. In Doom, you play as a soldier that is wandering in hell. Well, since you are already in hell, why not blow all the demons there into pieces? It’s not like you got something else better to do anyway, right?

So, what do you think? Are these games pretty cool, right? If you like what we recommended, follow us for the more upcoming game recommendation!