Game Fire Pro: How to optimize the gaming performance for computers with weak configuration

With Game Fire Pro, fighting heavy games on computers with modest configuration is not too difficult.

If you use Windows 10, you will be very impressed with the Game Mode that Microsoft has built-in. However, it seems that Game Mode only really works when you own a computer with a good configuration. As for the weak configuration, Game Mode is not really effective.

Therefore, often to be able to experience heavy games, gamers are forced to choose one of two solutions is to upgrade the hardware and use software to help optimize performance, accelerate gaming. And software solutions are considered more popular because of their convenience and savings.

This article will suggest readers of Game Fire Pro software, the solution is considered more powerful than Game Mode of Windows 10 in optimizing performance and speeding up games on computers with modest configuration, As follows.

To download, visit this address. There are 02 versions of Game Fire for users to choose and use, including free and paid versions. Depending on the version, there will be limited functionality. After selecting, download and start the installation process on your computer.

The configuration installation process is quite simple and does not take much time. The interface of Game Fire is quite simple with a big and impressive Game Mode main function button. However, you should first add the Game to Game Fire by clicking “Scan for Games” to turn on the scanning and add games automatically. If you want to add it manually, click “Add Game”.

The game more dialog box will appear and you proceed to set up more manual. Process Optimizer will display the current background processes on the system. From there you can manipulate the same as in Task Manager. System Optimizer will provide in-depth settings to optimize system and speed up game processing. System Diagnostics will display the hardware specifications of the computer.

Return to the Game Mode function, when activated, the setup window will appear. Displays processes that are running in the background and the option allows you to stop these processes to prioritize speeding and processing the game. Besides, Game Fire also provides additional options to activate Game Mode through a combination of shortcuts.

Overall, Game Fire provides very safe computer tweaks, without any overclocking being done on hardware. And all the changes made by Game Fire to the settings on the system are only temporary so you are assured of long-term use.