Game Review: Far Cry 4 – The Himalayas Mission

It is not difficult to understand that since the blockbuster Far Cry 3 was released, the name Far Cry has become Ubisoft’s flagship product. After the sudden breakthrough of amazing Far Cry 3, fans continue to expect more on the next version of the game series. Will Far Cry 4 take on this responsibility or will it fail like Assassin Creed: Unity? Let’s see the following review to find out what promising Far Cry 4 can bring us!

More Interesting Story

In Far Cry 3, the main character of the game is a normal guy who suddenly become a skilled and talented warrior just because of a few mysterious tattoos. This difficult-to-understand game plot, however, has been improved to be more reasonable in Far Cry 4.

The context of the game takes place in Himalaya. Our main character is Ajay Ghale, the son of a couple leading the resistance against tycoon Pagan Min, the self-claiming king there. tycoon claiming to be the king here. During his return trip to his hometown, Ajay was caught up in the civil war here, and his journey to rescue his homeland began.

More Innovation

Far away from the tropical islands flooded with hot rays and the blue coast, Far Cry 4 takes players to the land of Kyrat hidden deep in the majestic Himalayas. The game still possesses full of beautiful scenery, hidden deep in the snowy mountains. The map of the game is extremely large and gorgeous, mixing many different types of nature. All of these features stimulate the creativity of the player.

To fight Pagan’s mighty army, players are equipped with an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons, covering all genres with different play styles. You can stumble out from the front gate with 2-barreled hunting guns, gas-fired flamethrowers, machine guns and even hand-held missiles. Or if you love acting quietly, you can take down enemies from afar with bows and knives as well as sniper rifles.

In conclusion

With stunning graphics, good sound, large maps, well-groomed and interesting gameplay, Far Cry 4 continues to be a resounding success of Ubisoft. If you are impressed by the performance of Far Cry 3 then surely Far Cry 4 will not disappoint you!