Join in the Mystery with the Fantastic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game Series

If you have enjoyed the Pokemon show, you need to give this game a go. Let’s join in the excellent gameplay with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and have your great time to discover some mystery events in the Pokemon world. Check this game out and enjoy. 

1, Red rescue team (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

Are you tired of being a Pokemon trainer? Why not turn into Pokemon yourself! Play as your favorite Pokemon and endure normal disasters in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in Red Rescue Team. Investigate more than 20 exciting levels and open an excellent game plot.

With Red Rescue Team, you will take over the work of Pokemon itself. This is your chances to play as your favorite Pokemon and get through some disasters in the Pokemon world. However, the story is not very clear, as you will later discover that you were a person before. Find the secret behind your reality and investigate over 50 challenging tasks and quests now. 

2, Explorers of Time (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

Dive into this beautiful Pokemon world in the edition from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game series – Explorers of Time now. Join this fun Explorers of Time instalment, you will play the game as a human who turned into a Pokemon and finds yourself through lots of entertaining, adventurous gameplay. This edition was outed in 2007 and had the game features as the Generation IV Pokémon.

The game features a total grand of 491 out of the 493 Pokemon. The game features the same gameplay as the previous titles, with many new features focusing around the touch functionality of the device. You will again enter fun, exciting gameplay with the cute and active Pokemon. Do you think you will be able to turn yourself back as a human? Good luck and enjoy.

3, Explorers of Darkness (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

Let’s play the incredible Pokemon game with this Explorers of Darkness version. You will have the ability to see things in the past as well as the future through contact with people and things. The information you get, you will help you to solve or prevent a dozen problems in the present.

Explorers of Darkness is a 2008 game like the single-player game that you may experience in the Nintendo DS gaming system. This game is one of the fun edition of the popular Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game series. The game includes numerous new features include the addition of Generation IV Pokémon. It has the same gameplay as the other title in the series but with many exciting features and improvements including upgraded Wi-Fi capabilities and many more.