Learn about Audition Game.

Some information about Audition game

Audition dance game belongs to the casual game genre, the popular game series, easy to play, players can easily play Audition online on web browsers with computers or mobile phones.

The Audition was developed by T3 Entertainment, a famous game development company in Korea, especially in music game genres. Audition Online is a free game that plays and earns money through the sale of virtual goods, such as costumes for players’ characters.

Recently, in September 2015, China’s 9You and South Korea’s T3 entertainment continued to sign an audition cooperation contract. 3. Audition 3 focused on expressing the character of the gamer and increasing the similarity. work among people. New features such as bar dancers, flower-elves, dance companies, construction sites turn out, help increase gamers excited to experience the game

The most popular online dance game in Vietnam – Audition

After 10 years of existence and development in Vietnam, Audition is no longer just an interesting entertainment game but has become a part of the childhood of many gamers, especially for the generation of 8x and early 9x. Come to Audition, players can participate in great dances with simple buttons.

With this multiplayer online game, players can join exciting dances with friends or create unique dance moves on their own tracks.

Audition has become one of the most successful games of the VTC Game. With events held continuously throughout the North – Central – South region, Audition is still attracting the attention of young people and teenagers even though a decade has passed since its launch.