Plants vs. Zombies – one of the best strategy games

Plants vs. Zombies is the classic strategy game of PopCap that appears on both mobile and computer platforms, helping users to play this addictive game anytime, anywhere. Your task in Plants vs Zombies is simple and challenging at the same time. Players will have to plant many kinds of plants and fungi to destroy the zombies that are frantically attacking their house.


The zombies are attacking throughout the city and they are looking for ways to enter the house to eat your brain. You need to plant specialized zombie-like mutant plants such as pea plants, cherry bombs, etc to stop the zombies. In the game, players have to think fast to decide which tree to plant and how to reasonably arrange them.

In Plants vs. Zombies, players need to collect the solar energy generated by sunflowers or yellow mushrooms. If the amount of sunlight produced is not enough, you will not be able to grow other trees and will definitely lose. Completing each level will unlock exciting new plants or items. Increasing your gardening skills with the casual help of neighbor Crazy Dave.

Game modes

Plants Vs. Zombies provides a lot of attractive game modes for you to choose from. Adventure mode offers up to 50 levels, including 5 scenes: Daytime, Nighttime (there are more tombstones), Morning pool, Evening pool and Roof (Very special backdrop when the zombies intend to land on the roof of the house). Meanwhile, in mini-game mode, there will be 20 extremely interesting mini games for players to enjoy. If you win all of them, you will be awarded a trophy. To unlock the next screen, you must win the gold cup.

A series of goalkeeper games attract many players with similar gameplay, but Plants vs Zombies alone still has a special attraction for all ages of players that no goalkeeper game can do. Worth a try!