Sony will continue to bring PlayStation exclusive games to the PC platform

After Horizon Zero Dawn, PC gamers are likely to continue to receive many PlayStation exclusive titles. This decision is part of Sony’s long-distance strategy.

In the newly released corporate activity report, Sony has revealed the latest figures on the main console PlayStation 4 platform. Accordingly, PlayStation 4 has sold 112.1 million units globally. The number of PSN active accounts per month is 113 million. Sony’s paid subscription services are also doing well. Up to 45 million gamers are using PS Plus which is a service to play Online and receive free games every month. Meanwhile, PS Now, which is a cloud storage technology online gaming service, has 2.2 million players.

Notably, in this report, Sony first mentioned its strategy to bring PlayStation exclusive games to the PC platform. Specifically, in early August, the first game developed by Sony’s Studio, Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games), was officially available on PC. Before that, two other exclusive titles from the partner Studio, Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human, also became cross-platform games.

In its recently announced activity report, Sony said it will continue to bring exclusive games developed by Studio under Sony to the PC platform. The main purpose is to promote profit growth of the company.

According to observers, this profit growth can be understood in two ways. The first is through direct game sales. And the second is to create excitement for PC gamers to expand the community and customer base for these exclusive titles. Since then, the need to wait for the sequel of these games increases. This has indirectly increased sales for the next generation PlayStation 5 Console platform.

This strategy of Sony is seen as the opposite of the Microsoft. The Xbox (Microsoft) ecosystem now has a very close connection with the PC through Xbox Game Pass. So, almost Xbox will no longer concept of exclusive games. Meanwhile, PC gamers still have to wait a few years to play PlayStation-exclusive games. This is also the reason why they have to spend money to buy more Console platform from Sony.