Survival Games to Play (part 1)

Humans, as a race, are wired for survival. You know, it is survival in adverse circumstances and situations, and against myriad dangers. Unsurprisingly, it has found a fantastic reflection on the entertainment. Many of us like TV shows depicting survival. Not all, we love gaming about survival. So many survival games are today available, yet what is the best? Your search will be more comfortable with this list below.

1. The Long Dark

Here, select two ways of gaming this survival title. You can go to Sandbox or Wintermute. Wintermute’s central character is Mackenzie – known as one bush pilot. Playing this by episodes is okay. Meanwhile, Sandbox handles the stories of the player. Either this or that way, the critical goal is to survive the longest as you can. 

2. Subnautica

In this terrific game on PC, the setting is underwater. Here, you play as one intergalactic traveler of whom starship would explode mid-flight. It will pitch you intensively inside a strange watery world that you must survive. Also, be warned that this game may be quite unsettling, and sometimes can be terrifying. Here, the essential tools to start will be useful for killing or warding off this world’s first dangers. Yet, regarding the more significant risks, the player should use guile and deception. Plus, continuing collecting resources from the floor of the ocean is necessary.

3. NEO Scavenger

In the great game, the setting is in one scary world a couple of distance into the future. Here, recurring wars and battles have been reducing humankind into some areas that they survive to some extent. The world’s rest is barren and desolate. The pockets that humans survive have been evolving into some futuristic cities. Fantastic security features are present. Still, they are probably destroyed in mere minutes. Try and survive in the urban landscape.