Survival Games to Play (part 2)

4. Don’t Starve

We do extra much in real life to fill our stomachs. In this game as well, the main goal is to keep your health, hunger, and sanity indicators are genuinely positive. Plus, you need to forage for other items of survival. A straightforward example would be the light source for night time. Here, the game starts at daybreak, and need to look for enough food before nightfall for survival. You also need to pick up how to build simple tools using things you can collect.

5. Starbound

It is not about surviving in several desolate corners of the earth. Here, it takes you on one intergalactic survival journey. On each of the planets, you should mine for useful minerals before refining them and crafting tools. Also, you will need these for fending off attacks and killing the inhabitants of the planets.

6. Pathologic

This disturbing game was set in Russia early in the 20th century. One entire town is contaminated by disease as well as seeing townsfolk dropping off. The ‘doctors’ come to the city to find one solution to this devastation. They should keep modifying their behaviors for keeping up with the changing landscapes as well as the rules of the game. Here, the most complicated part is that you can game as any one of these three characters at any one time. Plus, the other two characters will become your enemies.

7. Terraria

If you are an old aficionado of survival PC games, you will realize that this 2018 version you are gaming is one new version of the earlier avatar. It still is one 2D game like more first, yet. It would help if you created the character as well as getting inside one randomly generated world. You may be attacked by zombies as well as other creepy creatures.