The Best Free Computer Games to Play Today

Avid computer gamers cannot be happier? Wonder why? Every single day goes by a new title introduced in the market. You have many choices, and free games are among them. Below we have been specific about some of the best options this 2019. Without any further ado, let’s dive into them right now.

Apex Legends

This free battle royale game can be on par with Fortnite – one of the epic games. On the one hand, it lags in the number of players. On the other hand, Apex Legends has been surpassing its rival regarding Twitch streaming viewers and hours on a couple of occasions since its first introduction.

The game provides a mature take on its battle royale in comparison with Fortnite. You will play it on a far smaller map. Here, encounters tend to be quick, at close quarters, and often terminal. It does not mean you will not advance to the final squads. When the ring closes, hiding is possible. Still, the squad as the winner has conquered others to attain the best gear.

Dwarf Fortress

It may be among the most exciting and appealing games that you have ever seen. It is possible to play it as an exploration tale, a management sim, a roguelike, to name a few. The possibilities are indeed countless since you try and keep the dwarves’ colony alive, cheerful, having things to eat, and working as well.

What is more, the original set for graphics is off-putting. Things like beating about the bush are not inclusive. That way lets the extensive controls to be challenging. Meanwhile, a considerable number of great community tilesets make the original game an exciting proposition with more accessibility.

In a nutshell

Above are some of our recommendations about the most fantastic PC games to play. Happy gaming!